83 Princeton Ave, Suite, 2C

Hopewell, NJ 08525

Phone: 609-309-5822

Fax: 609-309-5823

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Jason Poli & Jeffrey Weiss are the Co-Owner’s of Valley Insurance Partners with an expert focus on all aspects of risk management. Providing protection for business owners and farmers offering a wide variety of insurance products to meet their individual needs. From general liability to life & disability insurance, they will take the time to understand what matters most to you and help you protect your family, assets and paycheck. Formerly the Nemeth Agency, Valley Insurance Partners was formed and relocated to Hopewell, NJ in December of 2014 to better serve our clients. A team approach is something they strongly believe in. Whether your a regular client of Jason’s or Jeffrey’s they are both willing to step in to help meet your needs. We work closely with our staff to be sure our clients are being delivered the service they need each and every day.

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