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We understand the unique issues and daily risks contractors face. Our Contractors Advantage is designed for the trades such as landscapers and tree pruning, plumbers, painters, electricians, general sub contractors, pavers, and cabinet makers and provides affordable quality protection. 

 From buildings and property to business personal property to business income to general liability. We offer comprehensive property and liability coverage to protect every aspect of your contracting business.      

Property Protection – Tools, equipment and building materials; property of others while in your care, custody or control; newly acquired property, peak season coverage and more    
Liability Protection – Premises and operation, products/completed operations, personal injury, advertising injury, fire legal liability, contractual, medical expense and more     
Loss of Income – Business income up to 12 months, paid extra expenses needed to resume normal business operations. 
Added Protection – Hired and non-owned auto, mechanical failure, employee dishonesty, glass coverage, earthquake and more.